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News: Starbucks Geisha Panama Auromar Reserve Coffee is Here!

Starbucks Geisha Panama Auromar Reserve Coffee–a coffee that is the rarest of the rare.  This is a rare Geisha varietal – only the third Starbucks has ever offered.

Starbucks Geisha Panama Auromar Reserve Coffee

Link: Starbucks Reserve® Panama Geisha Auromar $50.00 / 8 oz.

Tasting Notes
The Starbucks Reserve® Panama Geisha Auromar is a coffee that should be enjoyed by itself. The coffee is multi-layered and complex with flavors showing up differently throughout the temperature range… so keep tasting as the coffee cools.

Product Details

Lush tropical flavors of mango and mandarin orange with a bergamot spice note.

Named for the village in Ethiopia where it was first discovered, this varietal was discovered in Gesha, Ethiopia in 1930’s, and made its way to Panama in the early 1960’s.

Producer: Panama Auromar Geisha comes from farmer Roberto Breenes and his farm Finca La Aurora.

Elevation: 1,575 meters (5,160 feet)

Processing Method: Honey Washed (semi-washed)

Today we have the best of the best, rarest of the rare. This is Geisha coffee from Panama. It’s been air-shipped to Seattle in small 5-lb plastic bags to get it to us as fresh and quickly as possible.

Geisha Panama

A coffee as exquisite as this requires painstaking attention. Our master roaster Brian (with more than 15 years experience) makes sure he doesn’t slice a single bean as he opens the bag.

Coffee Master Roaster Brian

The roasting is done in small batches, a little at a time. Every one of the these rare beans is precious.

Roasting Batches

After a short, delicate roast cycle, the first beans are released from the roaster into the cooling tray. The aroma: Intense. Floral. Amazing!

Cooling Tray

Brian explains the art and science: “The sugars produced during roasting make for a sweeter acidity and rounder, richer notes that are on the tropical side.”

Art and Science

“We use a delicate roast to coax out those flavors and make this coffee muse pop in the cup.

Roast roast

The finished Starbucks Reserve coffee, Geisha Panama Auromar.

News: Starbucks Geisha Panama Auromar Reserve Coffee is Here!Photo credit: Starbucks


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